Message Notes

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Making Decisions

Key Discernment Questions:

What are my core motives for considering this?

What does love demand of me?

Does this increase my love of God and neighbor?

Discussion Questions:

How do you make major decisions?

Do you give yourself “permission” to take adequate time to think, pray, and discern? Why or why not?

Who are wise people in your life that help you think through decisions and draw out your core motivations?

What habits in your life are helping you grow in wisdom?

The Proverbs Wisdom Reading & Prayer Plan

1. Read the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to the day of the month.

2. Pay attention to what catches your attention.

3. Talk to God about what you noticed.

Three Wisdom Commitments:

I will seek wisdom from God. (See the reading & prayer plan above.)

I will spend less time consuming and more time thinking.

I will look for wise examples around me.